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About Us


The premier tanning salon in Lebanon, Emporio Del Sole opened its first outlet in ABC Ashrafieh in 2003.
Since then, and thanks to our loyal customers, we have expanded and now have six branches throughout Lebanon:

ABC Ashrafieh – Clemenceau – Dbayeh Highway – Galaxy Complex – Metro Ghazir – Verdun 732.

We aim for perfection, and this is why we’ve been able to maintain a high standard of service and superior quality at all of our branches.

At each of Emporio Del Sole’s tanning salons, you can tan in just 10 minutes, without sweating, and for only $12. Our exclusive and futuristic-style “Sun Showers” are designed to give you the best in terms of use, safety and results. Amenities include an innovative ventilation system for your comfort, and a radio in each Sun Shower to keep you entertained while you tan. The result is a flawless and long-lasting tan for your whole body, and amazing and lasting color, without burns or damage to your skin. Our Sun Showers are also an excellent source of vitamin D, which strengthens your bones.

Our tanning machines work by stimulating melatonin production in the skin, just like the sun does. We are also the first tanning salon to meet international standards by providing protective goggles for the eyes and a specially created tanning activation cream designed to enhance your tan. All of our tanning salons offer the highest hygienic and cleanliness standards to ensure that your tanning experience is as rewarding as possible. You can relax and relieve stress with every single tanning session.

An estimated 30 million North Americans – 65% to 70% of them women – have turned to tanning salons as a controlled alternative to outdoor tanning. In fact, the professional indoor tanning industry promotes responsible indoor tanning and sunburn prevention.

Studies have consistently shown that once customers begin tanning in a professional indoor salon, they are less likely to burn. Indoor tanners are also less likely to burn when sunbathing at the beach, the pool or anywhere out of doors.

At Emporio Del Sole’s tanning salons, you’re guaranteed to have a clean, professional, easy and rewarding tanning experience, thanks to the best Sun Showers in the indoor tanning industry.