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Yes. The advantage to indoor tanning is "control".. You always know what you're getting from an individual tanning session. It is very precise, calculated, controlled exposure designed to give you a cosmetically pleasing tan without burning your skin. When a customer goes outdoors, he/she places himself in an uncontrolled environment. They don't know how much they are getting and frequently tanning outdoors results in sunburn.
Adjusting the protective eyewear occasionally during a tanning session will help to minimize this condition. The adjustment can be performed by gently sliding the eyewear to a new position. You should never lift the eyewear off of your eyes to adjust their position. Cordless goggles also available at all of our branches.
We recommend that you allow 6 days before and 6 days after your laser session. You can check with your doctor for his recommendations.
Because tanning naturally draws moisture from the body, eyes are sometimes inconvenienced with contacts that lose moisture too. Even with protective eyewear, eyes can dry out a little. If somebody is going to tan with their contacts in, it is recommended that they use moisturizing drops prior to or just after the tanning session to prevent any temporary discomfort.
Thanks to our loyal customers, Emporio de Sole the Tanning Salon have expanded and now have seven branches throughout Lebanon: ABC Achrafiyeh, ABC Dbayeh, ABC Verdun, Clemenceau, Dbayeh Highway, Galaxy Complex, and Metro Ghazir. Kindly click on the Branches Tab from the menu to locate the nearest location to you or call us on +961 1 21 75 72 or +961 76 62 67 70 to get more directions.
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